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Is Marijuana Possession Legal In New Jersey? Yes And No?

In 2010, New Jersey passed a law that legalized marijuana for medical purposes. Individuals with chronic pain, anxiety, migraines and other debilitating conditions can apply to receive a medical marijuana card, allowing

them to legally purchase a certain quantity of pot at a designated dispensary in the state of New Jersey.

Pot for recreational purposes, however, still remains illegal to possess, sell or distribute. Depending on the amount in question, individuals facing pot-related drug charges could face significant fines and jail time.

But that might change very soon.

A Bill To Legalize Marijuana Use For Recreational Use

In June 2018, a New Jersey state senator introduced a bill that would no longer criminalize marijuana use under state law. Individuals 21 years of age and older would be able to purchase and possess up to an ounce of pot at one of a variety of state dispensaries without facing state drug charges.

If the bill passes, those who have been convicted for marijuana possession in previous years may be able to obtain an expungement to erase it from public record.

However, if the new bill becomes law, it would likely not take affect for several months. Individuals caught possessing marijuana or any other drug should still reach out to a criminal defense attorney.


That's where I come in.

Contact Me Right Away For A Free Case Evaluation

I know that this is a frightening time. You may be scared for your future or your child's future. You can count on me to take the mystery and fear out of the process and protect you.

If you are seeking a skilled criminal defense lawyer, contact my office today. Serving all of Bergen County, including Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, and all of New York and Pennsylvania. Call 201-884-6000 or send me an email.

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