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Are You Facing Federal Charges? Hiring An Attorney With Knowledge Of The Federal System Is Important.

If you're facing federal charges, it is extremely important for the lawyer you hire to have experience handling federal trials.

State and federal courts are very different arenas, each with their own procedures. It takes experience and skill to fight federal prosecutors and agencies such as the IRS, DEA, FBI, FDIC or Department of Justice (DOJ).

A Criminal Defense Attorney With The Federal Court Experience You Need

I'm attorney Joseph M. Horn, and I have the federal criminal defense experience necessary to protect your rights. I know what's at stake in these cases and will work hard to minimize penalties, like a prison sentence, you could face.

When I look at the prosecution's case, I'll examine whether you've been overcharged for a crime you did not commit, as this is not unusual. Prosecutors often overcharge people in the hopes of scaring them into giving evidence against the person the government really wants to convict.

I won't let the government bully you with these scare tactics. I can protect you.

Defense For All Types of Federal Charges

I defend against a wide variety of federal charges in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, and all of New York and Pennsylvania, including white collar offense, such as:

  • Identity theft

  • Credit card theft

  • Drug crimes

  • Embezzlement

  • Extortion and bribery

  • Money laundering

  • Tax evasion

Some cases include both state and federal charges. I have experience handling both; you do not need to hire another lawyer if you're charged with federal crimes.

Let Me Review Your Case Today

Without a skilled attorney, the consequences of a DUI/DWI conviction can be brutal — even if it's your first offense. Driver's license suspension, steep fines, ignition interlock device installation and possible jail time are among the long list of possible penalties you could face. In addition, your auto insurance rates may go up significantly.

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