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Knowledgeable, Street-Smart DUI/DWI Defense For New Jersey, New York And Pennsylvania

Challenging Breath Test

A DUI/DWI arrest is confusing, scary and embarrassing. Many people plead guilty because they don't know their rights and just want to get the arrest over with.


I'm  criminal defense attorney Joseph M. Horn. As a former police officer, I made many DUI/DWI arrests and saw suspects plead guilty out of fear and shame. Many often assume there's no hope — but there is.


Police make mistakes. Hiring an experienced defense lawyer can be the difference between a dismissal and time in jail.

A Defense Attorney Trained In DUI/DWI Policies And Procedures

As a former New Jersey police officer, I have an advantage over most defense attorneys. I'm trained in DUI/DWI policies and procedures and have more than 20 years of police experience, so I understand how officers are supposed to handle field sobriety tests and arrests.

My experience as a police officer includes New Jersey State Police training as an Alcotest operator. I've given these tests to suspects and know how police should give them. I'll review the arrest record and test results to determine whether the tests were given correctly. When  breath tests and field sobriety tests are given incorrectly, the results probably aren't reliable.

Let Me Review Your Case Today

Without a skilled attorney, the consequences of a DUI/DWI conviction can be brutal — even if it's your first offense. Driver's license suspension, steep fines, ignition interlock device installation and possible jail time are among the long list of possible penalties you could face. In addition, your auto insurance rates may go up significantly.

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