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Bill would change New Jersey DUI law

What penalties individuals accused of drunk driving in New Jersey would face could be changing, depending on what happens with a bill currently in the state’s senate. We’ll now go over the two main areas the bill would make changes in if it were to become law.

Ignition interlock

Ignition interlocks are devices which require a driver to take a blood alcohol detection test prior to starting the car. If the driver tests above a certain level, the car will not start.

Currently, in New Jersey, ignition interlock devices are required for individuals convicted of DUI when at least one of the following two situations applies:

  • The person committed a DUI with a BAC at or above 0.15
  • The person is a repeat offender

The bill, if passed, would expand it so that all DUI convictions would result in a person being required to use an interlock device for a time on his or her vehicle. The length of the required ignition interlock use would vary based on what exactly a person was convicted of.

License suspensions

The bill would also change the length of driver license suspensions for individuals convicted of drunk driving.

For second offenses of DUI, the bill would raise the suspension length to four years. It is currently two years.

However, for first-time DUI offenses, the bill would actually lower suspension lengths. Currently, a conviction of a first offense of DUI generally carries a license suspension of three months to a year, depending on what a person’s BAC was. Under the bill, this range would drop to 30 to 90 days.

What are your opinions on this bill? Do you think it will ultimately become law?

Protecting your ability to drive when facing drunk driving allegations

Given things like license suspensions and ignition interlock laws, a drunk driving conviction can have major ramifications on a person’s driving privileges. There are a variety of ways losing such privileges, or having such privileges restricted, for a time can impact a person’s life. What options a person would have for protecting their driving privileges in the face of DUI allegations depends on the circumstances. Skilled DUI defense attorneys can advise drunk driving suspects in New Jersey on what particular routes they could pursue on this front.

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