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New Jersey Criminal Defense Blog

Federal prosecutors aim drug charges at 19 people in South Camden

The U.S. Attorney's Office in New Jersey has filed drug charges against 19 people allegedly involved in a violent drug ring operating in South Camden. Authorities have yet to apprehend eight of the people, but the other 11 defendants were in custody and had appearances scheduled in U.S. district court.

Statements provided by FBI agents detailed a lengthy investigation that involved controlled drug buys, intercepted text messages, confidential informants and recorded telephone conversations. Investigators said that the drug dealers used many different mobile phones, and their conversations referred to heroin, powder cocaine and crack cocaine with code words.

Feds charge bank founder with fraud for allegedly illegal loans

Two men in New Jersey have entered not guilty pleas after federal investigators accused them of manipulating loans through the bank that one of them founded to avoid lending limits. The indictment against them alleged that they lied on loan applications and hid their connections to handpicked borrowers. From 2008 to 2013, the loans totaled about $9 million.

After his court appearance, the bank founder provided a public statement dismissing the notion that he would defraud his own bank. His lawyer added that evidence shows that all loans in question had proper collateral and were completely repaid. The lawyer for the bank founder's associate also expressed confidence that a jury would exonerate the man of all charges.

NTSB pushes for lowering legal blood alcohol limit

Every day, an average of 29 individuals in New Jersey and across the United States die in a vehicular accident involving an alcohol-impaired driver. The financial cost of accidents that involve a drunk driver is estimated to be $44 million per year. Though most people believe that more action needs to occur in order to prevent drunk driving from occurring, there is much debate on the best course of action.

One idea is to lower the legal drinking limit. In December 2018, Utah will become the first state to lower the legal blood alcohol content limit from .08 to .05 percent. Some lawmakers in other states want to follow suit by lowering the BAC limit in order to decrease the number of alcohol-related car accidents. According to a survey done by the Texas Medical Center Health Policy Institute, 55 percent of people in the United States support lowering the BAC from the standard limit of .08 to .05 percent.

Common DUI defenses

Facing DUI charges can be scary and confusing. Is there anything that you can do to refute the charges now?

You may find it helpful to know that you are not alone. Over 1.5 million individuals are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol each year. What are the most common defenses to DUI charges?

Man faces new marijuana charges while considering plea

A New Jersey man who is weighing a plea agreement on multiple drug charges was indicted by a grand jury on Sept. 27. The 33-year-old man was hit with three drug charges stemming from a July 2018 incident; they were third-degree distribution of marijuana within 500 feet of a public property, third-degree distribution of THC between 50 grams and 1 ounce and fourth-degree distribution of marijuana under 50 grams.

The indictment came after a hearing in which the prosecutor said that the Sussex Borough would have 90 days to consider an agreement to resolve the July case and another outstanding case. The prosecutor noted at that time that he expected to formally bring the more recent drug charges to a grand jury. The July arrest came after the man was accused of giving marijuana to an undercover cop after the police officer claimed interest in buying a car from him. The man offered a small amount of marijuana to the cop for free after taking a test drive. After he was arrested, marijuana, THC wax, a grinder and THC oils were found in his home.

Bill would change New Jersey DUI law

What penalties individuals accused of drunk driving in New Jersey would face could be changing, depending on what happens with a bill currently in the state’s senate. We’ll now go over the two main areas the bill would make changes in if it were to become law.

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