Trucking Violations

A major area for my practice is representing trucking companies and truck drivers with overweight violations and other DOT issues affecting the company and drivers. I have grown to represent over 75 trucking companies and provide comprehensive representation in NY, NJ and PA, with outstanding results for the companies and drivers. My reputation has grown so significantly in the last year that I'm proud to say word of mouth amongst company owners and drivers has spread. Whether a driver is an owner operator or a company has a fleet of 80 trucks I can assist and provide great results in Courts. My relationship with the Troopers and DOT officers has allowed me to obtain unparalleled results that keep me building my list of trucking companies. I provide an ongoing spreadsheet for the companies which allow them to check the status of tickets in all courts.

I handle cases with special attention to keeping your DOT score low which helps keep you in compliance and keeps your insurance as low as possible. Don't trust just any attorney to handle trucking violations. The officers writing these tickets are specially trained and you need an aggressive attorney who speaks their language. My goal is to keep fines low, be aggressive with tickets and violations that impact CDL licenses and DOT scores and work to provide outstanding service at very reasonable rates. Keeping your fleet and drivers on the road and more hard earned money in your pocket is my primary focus. I also have Spanish speaking staff to assist when needed and take the time to pay attention to what my clients are concerned about.