Challenging Trucking Violations For Drivers And Companies

Commercial trucking companies can lose thousands of dollars if transportation regulation infractions and moving violations are not handled properly. Working with an experienced lawyer can save money and protect your business. I'm attorney Joseph M. Horn, Esq., and I represent trucking companies and drivers in municipal/town courts and state courts.

For more than a decade, I've represented trucking companies that are ticketed in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. My experience includes tractor-trailer related summons and truck driver defense for moving violations. I work in a cost-effective way that lets owners and operators focus on running their businesses and keeping trucks on the road. You can count on me to work hard — and fast — to help you keep the business running.

I Can Help You Contest Trucking Company Violations, Truck Driver Violations And Traffic Citations

I represent commercial trucking companies charged with violations such as:

  • Overweight infractions
  • HUT and IFTA violations
  • Equipment and maintenance violations

I understand how to fight these violations and keep them from affecting your business. I also represent truck drivers and other people with CDLs who get traffic violations. Any traffic violation or DUI/DWI conviction may affect your CDL, whether you were driving a work or personal vehicle. I know that you're probably scared that any ticket will cause you to lose your job.

CDL holders are supposed to report moving violations and DUI/DWI convictions to their employers within 30 days, even if they were convicted while driving their personal vehicles. Conviction may mean the temporary or permanent loss of a CDL. Don't take chances with your job — talk to me today.

Protect Your Company Or License. Call Now For A Free Initial Consult.

I can meet you at my Hackensack office or by appointment in Mineola, Long Island, or in Belmar, New Jersey. For a free consultation about an individual charge or representation of your company as a whole, please call 201-479-2858 or contact me online.