You Have The Right To Fight Traffic Tickets — And You Should

Speeding tickets and other traffic violations can do more than ruin your day. Points from traffic tickets can add up quickly, causing your driver's license to be suspended and your auto insurance rates to skyrocket. To prevent this from happening, you can fight traffic tickets and protect your license.

I'm attorney Joseph M. Horn, Esq., and I represent people in municipal or town courts in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. From speeding tickets to driving on a suspended license, I have the experience to help you fight traffic violations and avoid insurance rate increases. Taking action today may help you save money later. I also represent truck drivers and other CDL holders. Please call 201-479-2858 or contact me online to discuss how I may help you clean up your driving record.

Too Many Points Can Result In A Suspended License

My experience as a New Jersey police officer gives me an advantage in traffic violation matters. I'm completely familiar with police procedure and how radar equipment works, which means I can confidently argue radar results and officer observations in court. When possible, I'll negotiate the speeding ticket down to a nonmoving violation or even get the ticket dismissed, in some cases.

Traffic violation fines and insurance rates are already very high in New Jersey and the surrounding area. Getting too many tickets can be expensive and may cause you to lose your driver's license.

A license suspension is a serious thing that you must move quickly on. You can lose your license for exceeding the points limit, DUI/DWI offenses, drug convictions and administrative reasons like failure to appear in court. I help clients fix the underlying charges and get their license reinstated.

If you're charged with driving while license suspended, your vehicle may be impounded. You'll need a tough, smart lawyer's representation to get your license and vehicle back. I have the experience and vigorous approach you need.

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