Accused Of Violating A Restraining Order?

When a temporary restraining order is issued in a domestic violence incident, there may be two separate cases in criminal and family court. The outcome of the civil restraining order hearing can have a huge effect on any related criminal charges you may be facing. It's critical to have a lawyer who understands the connection between the two and can protect your rights in both courts.

Many attorneys say they are experienced in this area, but lack the knowledge to understand how the civil and criminal processes work independently while affecting each other.

I'm attorney Joseph M. Horn, Esq. As part of my extensive criminal defense practice, I've successfully represented many clients accused of temporary or final restraining order violations. These are time-sensitive matters that require an immediate defense. I'll work hard to protect your rights to stay in your home, see your kids and keep your personal belongings, including finances. It's important that you talk with me as soon as possible about your case.

You're probably confused. That's normal. I'll make sure you understand everything that happens from here on.

You Must Take Restraining Orders Seriously

Restraining orders are very common in domestic violence cases. If an order has been taken out against you, there are many issues to work through. You may be ordered to leave your house, stay away from the alleged victim and give up temporary custody of your children. I can represent you at temporary and final order hearings and argue for the order to be dropped.

If you violate a restraining order, you can be sentenced to jail time and/or a considerable fine. You may also be prohibited from possessing firearms and other weapons.

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