Accused Of Violating A Restraining Order? Finding The Right Attorney To Handle Your Case Is Very Important.

Individuals facing a temporary restraining order in a domestic violence incident will need to comply with both criminal court and family law court requirements.

Many attorneys say they possess experience in these areas of law. However, many lack the necessary knowledge of both court systems and procedures.

Those found guilty of violating a restraining order are likely to face jail time and steep fines. Individuals convicted will also be barred from possessing a firearm or other weapon.

If you are facing this type of charge, it is important to hire a lawyer who has a thorough understanding of criminal and family court laws, rules and procedures. You need an advocate on your side.

An Attorney With Experience Representing Those Facing Restraining Order Violations

I'm attorney Joseph M. Horn. As part of my extensive criminal defense practice, I've successfully represented many clients in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania who have been accused of violating temporary or final restraining orders.

I was also a former police officer. I know the protocols officers use and your constitutional rights. Let me be your voice and advocate for you.

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Restraining order violations are very serious and time-sensitive matters that require an immediate defense. It's important that you talk with me as soon as possible about your case.

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