Authorities Do Not Take Identity Theft Lightly. Hiring An Experienced Defense Attorney Is Essential For Those Facing Charges.

Given the media attention regarding the hacking of personal information from high-profile companies such as Target, Yahoo and Equifax — among others — in recent years, authorities in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and all across the nation are cracking down on identity theft.

Individuals found using other people's personal information or impersonating another individual for their own gains are likely to face stringent penalties. Steep penalties, prison time and even future employment or housing prospects are all possible consequences.

Seeking the guidance of an experienced attorney to defend against these charges is very important — even for people who are simply under investigation.

Nearly 20 Years Handing Criminal Defense Matters

I'm attorney Joseph M. Horn, and I have defended individuals facing many types of white collar crimes, including identity theft.

I was a former police officer in Bergen County for many years and have practiced criminal defense for almost 20 years. I know the laws, rules and procedures, but most of all, I know your constitutional rights and how to protect you.

I will thoroughly examine the prosecution's evidence and determine how they obtained the evidence against you. If authorities failed to follow proper search and seizure protocols, I won't hesitate to seek suppressions of that evidence.

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