Understanding Embezzlement Charges

Embezzlement charges are very similar to theft charges; an individual converts or steals another person's personal property. However, unlike theft, that person has lawful possession of that property prior to stealing or taking it for his or her own use.

An employee with access to money or property is a common example. Another example may involve a financial or securities advisor who is entrusted with investing another person's funds.

Penalties Associated With Embezzlement Charges

Individuals facing any type of embezzlement charge will likely face a fine and jail time. The higher the amount of money or property in question, the higher the fine and jail sentence.

In the state of New Jersey, those facing embezzlement charges for money or property worth $75,000 or more could face up to a $150,000 fine and up to a 10-year prison sentence.

Seeking the help of a lawyer with experience defending against embezzlement charges is vital to protecting your future and keeping you out of jail.

Experience Defending Against Federal Charges

I'm attorney Joseph M. Horn, and I have experience defending individuals in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania facing embezzlement and similar theft charges.

Many embezzlement charges are federal offenses. Many attorneys lack the experience to handle federal cases, as federal charges involve different laws, rules and procedures.

I have handled many types of federal offenses. I know the system and have helped individuals in similar circumstances. Let me protect you.

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