Extensive Representation For New Jersey, New York And Pennsylvania Individuals Facing White Collar Charges

Charging someone with fraud or a white collar crime is much easier than getting a conviction for these charges. The prosecution must prove intent to defraud, not just negligence. With a lawyer's help, you can fight white collar crime charges.

However, federal white collar crime and fraud defense often involve a lot of paperwork and document analysis. You'll need a skilled attorney to effectively handle this type of defense.

I'm attorney Joseph M. Horn, and I have experience defending people in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, and all of New York and Pennsylvania against fraud charges, including corporate officers acting on behalf of the corporation.

My fraud and white collar crime defense practice includes defending the following charges:

If you're under investigation for one of these crimes, you will want to contact an attorney immediately. Working with a lawyer with experience handling white collar charges during the investigation may prevent charges from being filed against you.

A Thorough Understanding Of The Federal Court System

Many white collar crimes are typically federal charges. I regularly practice in federal court. I understand the procedures and the complexities of fighting federal agencies like the IRS.

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