Challenging Field Sobriety And Breath Test Results

Breath test results that are .08 percent or higher do not necessarily mean that you'll be convicted of DUI/DWI. It is possible to successfully contest breath test results, and I know how.

I'm attorney Joseph M. Horn, Esq. In addition to being an experienced criminal defense attorney, I am a former police officer and certified instructor for the New Jersey Police Training Commission.

I made drunk driving arrests and gave sobriety tests all the time during my years on the force. Now I'm one of the only attorneys in the state who is a New Jersey State Police-trained Alcotest operator. This is more comprehensive than the course that most other DUI defense lawyers have taken, if they have the training at all.

Challenging breath test results effectively isn't easy, but very few lawyers can match my training, education and experience. I use my police officer experience to help people challenge breath test results in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

You can rely on my firsthand knowledge of the procedures and equipment used. When I examine police reports and test results, I can tell whether the tests were given correctly. I know that you're scared right now, but I'll work hard to get you through this tough time and keep you up to date on your case.

Alcotests, Breathalyzers And Field Sobriety Tests

Breath test results can be challenged for many reasons. When I review the test results, I'll look for information about:

  • Calibration reports
  • Solution changes in the machine
  • Steps the officer took to operate the machine
  • Time that elapsed between the arrest and the test

By examining the police report, I can tell whether the officer followed protocol when giving the test and whether the evidence is reliable. When possible, I'll file pretrial motions to argue that the test results are inadmissible. This may mean that the charges are reduced or dismissed.

My police officer experience helps me review the standardized field sobriety tests, too. Because I was trained on the proper procedures and have given these tests, I know whether they were given correctly. The results of these tests may not be reliable, and I'll argue to have them suppressed whenever possible.

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